Montag 30. Mai 2022 - Mittwoch 01. Juni 2022

Schelling and Philosophies of Life

For the seventh meeting of the North American Schelling Society: NASS 7


In-Person Meeting: 24-26 May, 2022

Virtual Meeting: 30 May-1 June, 2022

Schelling’s philosophy can be regarded as a philosophy of life. Life is presented in expansive and diverse ways in his many works. Schelling’s nature philosophy gives prominence to organic life. Yet his emphasis on the productivity or activity of nature draws our attention to the dynamic vitality of all natural phenomena. Many value Schelling’s work for its rich openings to spiritual life or the life of the mind. His appeal to the Weltseele suggests a co-constitution of nature and spirit. Some read his philosophy as a conspiracy of life, and others as having an asystasy, and as exposing the tensions or exceptions at the heart of philosophical systems. His restless philosophizing can be regarded as characterized by a vital productivity. Schelling’s philosophy of life might be read in many ways. All readings will be welcomed for the seventh meeting of the North American Schelling Society.

Keynote Speaker: Adrian Johnston

Chair of and Distinguished Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque and a faculty member at the Emory Psychoanalytic Institute in Atlanta ( ). Adrian Johnston is the author of  a number of important books on Lacan, Žižek, Badiou and Hegel, books which address contemporary issues in philosophy, psychoanalysis, psychology, materialist theory, neuroscience and political theory. His current research interests have turned to Schelling’s nature philosophy.